Ro Henry is a professional makeup artist based out of Birmingham, Alabama. She completed her studies at Alabama A&M University before pursuing a career as a makeup artist.

As a child, she displayed a strong creative gift for art which proved that she was an artist. She expressed her gift through drawings and paintings. Her love for makeup originally started off as a hobby but quickly transformed into her passion. She associates makeup application to the art of painting by using her client’s face as a canvas.

Ro works vigorously at improving her techniques as she continues to make a name for herself in the industry with a reputation of a very clean and unique style. She actively purses her education and immerses herself in the current trends, yet remainingtrue to her artistry.  Her goal is to accentuate each client’s beauty and to make a major impact in the beauty industry. Rest assured that you won’t regret your decision when you choose Ro Henry Artistry; it’s not just a service but an experience.